Clay Green


Artist: Clay Green

Residence: Earth

Category: Musician/Composer

Instruments: Acoustic guitars, bass, keyboards, recorder Clay Green

Clay Green is an independent artist, with roots in California. Having played and performed acoustic guitar (including 12-string and classical), bass, and other instruments for some time, he has renewed his focus exclusively on composing are recording.

His terrain has since expanded virtually. Indeed, he has set out on a personal journey-one that plots a course to distant lands and travels back through time. Purely instrumental, and heavily acoustic, his compositions embark on an experimental quest to capture the spirit of terrestrial music.

"As far back as I can remember, I've derived inspiration from the various forms of music heard around the world. Recently, I've been able to realize my dream of integrating these different styles into my musical compositions. My focus is primarily acoustic, but I've never stopped experimenting with other instrumentation. I use a variety of guitars in my recordings, as well as some other choice virtual sounds. It is my wish that the music I've developed promotes the same inspiration and spirituality that was present with me throughout the process of writing, playing, and recording." --Clay Green.

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